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I'm OK.  I wasn't near the bridge.  To my knowledge, people that I know are OK.  If I haven't heard from you and you're in the Twin Cities, let me know that you're OK.

It's over....

I got Timu back, but things did not go exactly as planned. Here's what happened:

I had everything that I needed to go and meet Bruno, so that I could get Timu back. I had a brief case full of money. There was $150,000 in marked bills in the briefcase. I know he asked for $5 million, but that was all I had time to get. It takes a long time to get $5 million together! Rex Maynard came with me. I asked him to come along as back-up because of his Judo skills.

Little did I know that Nancy had returned from Europe. I don't know how she escaped that convent. She followed us, without my knowing, apparently so that she could be closer to Maynard. She said that she 'wanted to surprise him'. Well, she did. She made her presence known just as we reached the drop-off point to meet Bruno. Bruno took her as a hostage and held her at gunpoint.

It really seemed that Bruno had the upper hand. I didn't have enough money, Timu was nowhere in sight and he had Nancy too. Rex tried to get him to put the gun down. He talked about their golf games and their time on the ship. It was really quite touching....

Instead, Bruno went completely CRAZY!!!!! He said that all he wanted was to be close to Rex and to love him, but that Nancy was standing in his way. He decided to play Russian roulette with Nancy. He spun the barrel of the gun and was about to pull the trigger aimed at her head. At that point, Rex pulled a gun on him. Rex inconveniently discovered that his gun had no bullets, so he did some swift judo moves. He was able to first get Nancy out of harm's way. Then he wrestled with Bruno. Bruno pulled a knife out of his boot and was trying to stab Rex. Rex managed to retrieve Bruno's gun. Bruno came charging at him with the knife and Rex shot him in the chest.

The paramedics arrived, but it was too late. Bruno died on the way to the hospital. Rex and Nancy had a bittersweet reunion. We did get Timu back. Rex did not realize when he went on this mission that we were rescuing a singing dog. I told him about Timu and found out that Timu was on his ship. So, Timu was reunited with my sister....

It's been an eventful day....looks like I was able to manipulate this situation to work out in my favor, for the most part.

Update on Timu

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your kind words and support in this difficult time for our family. I am humbled by the outpouring of support since Timu's disappearance. Thank you one and all!

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. Wyngarde posted some signs about Timu. He also found some kids in a junkyard gang, led by this really fat kid to help look for Timu as well. It turns out that one of the kids (I think his name was Rudy) had this shady friend in a bowler hat. We got the shady friend to do some looking around, especially after we received a 5 million dollar ransom note from the kidnapper.

Well, Rudy's friend found out who the kidnapper was and it turns out that it was Maynard's friend, Bruno...the next step is to rescue Timu. I have to play my cards right. I also have been in contact with the kidnapper (Bruno). I told him that I would pay the ransom, but that I would need a receipt and a signature. My tax man needs to know what I'm paying for! I have a rendezvous planned to meet with Bruno tomorrow....wish me luck!

The Search for Timu

Hello everyone. It's been a hell of a weekend. We've been searching for Timu the entire time and I have all of Tiller Time Enterprises and the New York Yankees looking for him. We did get a lead the other day and we did find out that he has indeed, been kidnapped.

I received a note cut out of magazine letters, saying that they have kidnapped Timu. It said not to involve the police or they would pull out Timu's toenails and send them to me one at a time. The note did not say why they kidnapped him. But c'mon, how many singing dogs are there in the world? I think that Tiller Time Enterprises has cornered the market on singing dogs. Anyway, they said that they will be sending a ransom note detailing their demands by Monday or Tuesday of this week.

What kind of a monster would do this? I have my suspicions...maybe someone is jealous that Timu is getting all of the television spectaculars around here...maybe it's an angry Boston Red Sox fan. I'm just not sure.

Trouble at Tiller Time Enterprises!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! I implore you for your help!!!! TIMU is missing!!!! I went down to play some songs with him after breakfast and he was gone. My sister and I searched everywhere. Cousin Murray helped to look too, but he seemed more interested in harrassing Bruno and Maynard.

I'm not sure if he's been kidnapped, but I'm not taking any chances. I've shipped Nancy off to Europe. She is taking refuge in a convent until things blow over. Barbara is helping to search for Timu. Her experience as a spy has already helped immensely. She's got an international contacts that she thinks can help us in the search. Rex Maynard has even offered to help.

I miss Timu so much. I can't bear to play the organ without him to sing along.

Holiday fun!

Barbara returned from South Africa on Christmas eve. I gave her the information on her Star. We spent the night looking through the telescope and into each other's eyes. It was beautiful.

The praise keeps coming for Timu. There is a spectacular in the works for Maynard now.....

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I cannot contain my joy!!!! Everything's coming up Tiller! Timu's special aired last night to RAVE reviews! After the show aired, everyone went up to my office where Timu and I regaled everyone with Christmas songs until the wee hours of the morning. Rex Maynard joined in on a few Christmas tunes as well. Don't tell anyone, but his singing is really starting to grow on me. I'm really starting to think about putting him into his own Spectacular.

Uncle Jack is doing much better. He is out of the hospital and I think that he'll be able to join us for Christmas dinner. He's still in a lot of pain, but is making progress.

Barbara is supposed to get in from South Africa tonight. I can't wait to see her! I can't decide if I should give her the present tonight or tomorrow. I hope that she wears her Santa coat for Christmas.....

Curse of the......

Greetings everyone! Well, the New York Yankees have done it again. We've wrestled away another player from our hated rival, the Boston Red Sox. We just signed Johnny Damon to a $52 million contract over 4 years! We got Babe Ruth from them in 1919 and we got Damon in 2005. Hopefully, it will be another 86 years before they win the World Series. Frankly, I think that Damon is a Two-Bit-No-Good-Son-of-A-Warbling-Centerfielder. It used to be the Curse of the Bambino; now the Curse of the Two-Bit-No-Good-Son-Of-A-Warbling Centerfielder. That's kind of long for a curse nickname. Curse of the TBNGSOAWC....hmmm...that doesn't quite work. I'll have my spin guys get on that....I did wise up and put a clause in his contract that says he has to stay away from my daughter, Nancy. I did learn something from that punk Maynard. Damon seems rather interested in my sister; he'd better stay away from her. I may have to send Cousin Murray after him. There's also a clause in Damon's contract that he has to get a haircut and shave his beard. I won't have any dirty hippies on my team!!!

It's all coming together!!!

We've finally wrapped taping on Timu's Holiday Spectacular. It is in post-production now. My guys in editing are going to have to work quickly. The show is going to air Friday, December 23, at 8pm on Animal Planet. So many things came together and I was so pleased with the results. I can't wait to see what audiences think. Then, I'll have a better idea as to how audiences would react to a human star...possibly even Rex Maynard. I probably shouldn't have said that, as I don't want to get his hopes up. Although, I will say things are going well both with his stuntwork and his singing. I am a little uncomfortable with the amount of time he is spending huddled in a corner with my temporary janitor, Bruno. They're always sneaking off to play golf and sometimes I find them wrapped in a tender embrace in the broom closet. I guess I don't care as long as he stays away from Nancy.

Things are going swimmingly with Barbara. I can't wait to see her again. She has gone off to South Africa for a few days, but she should be back in time for Christmas. I can't wait to share Timu's success with her. I got her the most special Christmas gift. I probably shouldn't tell you what it is, but as she doesn't have a Live Journal, it can't hurt. I got her a star from the National Star Registry. The Barbara Star...because that's what she is....
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