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That's why they call me The Manipulator...

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I am a well-established entertainment mogul. I am a well-known record producer and talent scout. I've also started to dabble in producing and directing television entertainment spectaculars.

I have a beautiful daughter and she is the apple of my eye. Unfortunately, her mother was killed at a young age in a terrorist attack. In addition to my entertainment career, one of my passions is fighting terrorism. My sister works as my personal secretary and helps me with the talent scouting.

One of my greatest passions in life is playing the hammond organ. I even have one in my office. To my great delight, my sister brings over her singing dog to accompany me while I play the organ. I'll tell you what, that dog is talented enough to have his own television spectacular!!! I might even make 3 or 4, or even, 13 television spectaculars with that dog.

It has been my goal to amass an entertainment empire since I was a young boy. I purchased the New York Yankees at a bargain price many years ago. No one knows that I am the true owner of the New York Yankees. George Steinbrenner is a mere figurehead. He does all of my bidding in the baseball world. All that hiring and firing...yep, that's all me. That's why they call me 'The Manipulator'. I hope to achieve that in the music business, that would be a dream come true.